Recovering Fast Food Addict

Hello my name is Gwyn and I’m a fast food addict.  With that said, I will never be fully recovered or cured and I have to work on not going back to bad habits.

Reflecting back at my past habits helps me with my current and future goals towards weight loss.  Maybe you can relate to this situation: Driving to work, you see the big golden arches or smell the flame kissed burgers.  Your stomach starts to rumble regardless of the fact that you just ate breakfast 10 minutes ago.  Your mouth is watering for that tasty burger or sausage sandwich.  You recall you have $1.00 in your wallet and some tasty goodness is affordable.  Your car steering wheel is pulling towards the drive thru.  The rumbling of your belly yells at you to turn.  You give in.

Before my weight loss journey, I ate fast food at almost every meal. I also got a small snack on the way to work and on the way back from work. I would get the dollar menu items and felt good about making that decision cause it wasn’t breaking my bank.

I remember getting coke for breakfast cause it was a dollar. I even said Wednesdays at Wendys (my own following) was something to look forward to cause it only happened once a week. In reality, the other days of the week were at different fast food establishments. It wasn’t a treat, it was a way of life for me.

I recall getting a candy bar or doughnut every time I pumped gas at the gas station. My son would kick and scream, if we didn’t stop to get him a toy. I wished I could report that I stayed firm and said no. I gave into his demands and rationalized it as the best for my son. The back seat of my car was piled up with paper wrappers or bags from those places. I started hiding the “evidence” under my seat. I figured out I was spending $200 a month on fast food. This way of life was ruling my life and was becoming unmanagable. I gained 80 lbs in 4 years from this.


The picture with me in the pink dress is from 2008 when I wore a size 16.


The above picture with me in a blue shirt, was taken last summer. I was a size 26 but never purchased those in a jeans. I only wore elastic bands.

When I started Weight Watchers I decided to not drink pop anymore. The following week I decided to not eat fast food too. I lost 15 lbs my first two weeks. Over time I learned I needed to pack a snack in my car so I don’t have the urge to turn the wheel towards that high, fatty foods. I don’t deny myself anything but I indulge within reason. I may go to a fast food place once a month or twice a month. I make sure I write down everything I ate. I enjoy cooking at home and knowing what I’m putting in my meals. My son doesn’t kick and scream about not going to those places. My whole family has benefitted from this lifestyle change. I also feel I don’t have headaches because I’m not ODing on salty foods. These new healthy habits didn’t happen overnight. I had to continue to practice them until they became a regular routine.
Try choosing one bad habit to focus on. Write down your goal and tell others about it. Practice it every day and don’t give up. If you slip, the next meal will be better. It takes 21 days to develop a habit. I would love to hear what you are choosing to focus on and how it is going.


Recent picture of me. This was taken one week ago. 86 lbs lost since December 2011.

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