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Fun Fitness: Dancing

Getting in shape and fitness doesn’t have to be about pain, headaches, and something you dread doing.  If you find something you enjoy, you’ll have better success at sticking to it in the long run.  I have always loved and enjoyed dancing.  Ever since I was a little kid, I would dance with my friend... Read more »

Celebrate Health and Fitness

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of joining my fitness club.  I took a picture of my first day.  I’m always motivated by seeing remarkable transformation pictures and hearing stories of real people.  I decided to put together a recap of my year of working out. I remember going to the store to try to... Read more »

Ab work out ideas

Since I have been working out for a year, I have learned different ab routines that I have personally seen results.  I am not a personal trainer nor an expert.  My fitness club has a program called ActivTrax that I can get a computer generated work out based on my strength test I did in... Read more »

Overwhelmed? begin here

If your thinking about weight loss but the mere thought of it overwhelms you.  You think about being comfortable with not changing or not complicating your life more.  You think about how you don’t have time , the money, or the energy to lose weight.  These thoughts went through my mind a lot.  I would... Read more »

Recovering Fast Food Addict

Hello my name is Gwyn and I’m a fast food addict.  With that said, I will never be fully recovered or cured and I have to work on not going back to bad habits. Reflecting back at my past habits helps me with my current and future goals towards weight loss.  Maybe you can relate... Read more »

What is Gwynspiration for Weight Loss?

Hello and Welcome to Gwynspiration for Weight Loss blog on Chicago Now.  My name is Gwyn and I hope to help inspire others with weight loss tips, fun fitness in the Chicagoland area, and establish new goals to better yourself. I do not claim myself as an expert on weight loss but I have learned... Read more »