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If your thinking about weight loss but the mere thought of it overwhelms you.  You think about being comfortable with not changing or not complicating your life more.  You think about how you don’t have time , the money, or the energy to lose weight.  These thoughts went through my mind a lot.  I would convince myself that I was meant to be full figured and my husband was not complaining, so why change things now.  Status Quo was comfortable.  I recall a time that I would beat myself up for failing my first weight loss progress in 2008.  I was overwhelmed with gaining 80 lbs in 4 years and going back to bad habits.  I even wished my motivation would come back.

Everyone has an “Ah Ha moment” that pushes them to want to change things.  This moment could be realizing that your health is suffering from weight gain, not feeling about yourself, not able to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, someone calling you fat or big, your wedding is only 1 year away, feeling tired all the time, not fitting in a chair with arms, not wanting to be in pictures, not sleeping well, being out of breath tying your shoes or walking up the stairs, doctor telling you should lose weight to get blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar under control.

I had multiple “Ah Ha moments”.  I had a friend that mentioned that I shouldn’t be eating that fast food all the time. I noticed I was deleting all my pictures of me cause I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t like how I couldn’t fit into my size 24 butterfly on the pockets jeans. I started experiencing a numbing sensation in my legs while I was driving and my seat belt was starting to get harder and harder to put on. My son asked me why am I getting so fat. (He was 6 yrs old at the time and meant well). I started getting out of breath tying my shoes even after I struggled to bring my ankle up to my knee to tie them. My last and final AH HA moment was not fitting into my Grandma’s chair cause it was too close to the wall. My husband changed seats with me but talk about embarrassing.

Write down your “ah ha moment” and share it a supportive friend or family member. Next write down a positive affirmation like this one and post it on your bathroom mirror:


When you believe you can do it, you will succeed.
When my friends and family ask me what they can do. I suggest they start with writing everything they eat regardless of what. If joining a program is not affordable, you can write in a spiral notebook, take pictures of what you ate, or check out some free food tracker apps (sparkpeople and myfitnesspal). Writing down what you ate brings awareness of when you eat, what foods are you crave, and how much you are eating. Weight loss can be overwhelming. On the other hand, when you break it down into small steps, it can become managable. I didn’t lose 86 lbs in one week and eat all the right things over night. This took time and practice. So start practicing writing down what you ate.

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