Fun Fitness: Dancing

Getting in shape and fitness doesn’t have to be about pain, headaches, and something you dread doing.  If you find something you enjoy, you’ll have better success at sticking to it in the long run. 

I have always loved and enjoyed dancing.  Ever since I was a little kid, I would dance with my friend to Madonna and Paula Abdul.  We would also have her mom judge our dance routine but she would pick us both as winners.  I loved watching the dance routines during football halftime.  I tend to think of dance routines in my head as I hear the songs.  I remember my first middle school dance and how my friend’s high school brother showed us some good moves.  I was confident to dance and not stand in the back of the gym or run after a boy we liked.  One highschool dance we had a 70’s theme.  I wanted to have the best moves that night, so I watched the movie Saturday Night Fever.  I recall showing my new learned moves to my friends.  If I grew up with You Tube, my dancing practice would have been vast.  Dancing gives me great joy and a much needed healthy high.

Two years ago I purchased Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for my Playstation 2 and the power pads.  I would bring my gaming system to the elementary school I worked at as a School Social Worker.  The kids would join me for a game of DDR as a reward.  We had such a great time and the kids looked forward to that reward.  The students would ask how could they get Social Work services so they could play DDR with me too.  That made me feel really good.  I had fun with the students and burned calories.  I recall breaking a sweat.  Over time the power pads stopped working cause of regular wear and tear.  We also upgraded to the Playstation 3 system last year.
This Christmas Santa Claus got us the components for PS3 Move which is a camera attachment and controllers.  He also got us Michael Jackson The Experience and Get Up and Dance.  Santa Claus is so thoughtful. 
I have had such a great time with these games and breaking out into a sweat.  I simply love it.  I don’t have the restriction of the power pad anymore.  I wished PS3 had Zumba for their system but that’s on Wii and Xbox 360 systems.


Yesterday I wanted to celebrate my year of healthy Gwyn by dancing.  I invited friends and family to join me at Excalibur Night Club. 

We arrived before there was a cover charge and at first played pool.  9:00pm I started dancing.  People were just sitting listening to music, drinking, and watching the music video they had playing for the songs.  I came there to dance and I could care less about drinking, so I did just that.  I danced by myself to fun songs and after time went by some people joined the dance floor.  Some people danced with me which was fun but I liked getting my own groove.  I wear an activity monitor called ActiveLink and I achieved 113% of my activity goal that night.  I had fun and burned a lot of calories.
I encourage you to find something you love for activity and schedule it on your calendar. You won’t regret it.

If dancing is not your thing, how about bowling or laser tag. I did both this past week at Brunswick Zone. I had a blast.

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