About Jimmy

Hi everybody. (this is the part where you say "Hi Jimmy!)

Thanks for caring enough to click on my "About" page. Sorry to say I really hate trying to sum up who I am in just a few sentences but recently I had to do just that for the Chicago Media Social so it's already done. Here's what I gave them:

Jimmy Greenfield has been with the Tribune since 1995 and is currently the Community Manager at ChicagoNow, the Tribune's blog network. Jimmy grew up in Highland Park and went on to study journalism at The University of Kansas. He now lives in Oak Park with, his wife, Jill.

There's possibly more to me than that but there's also quite possibly less. To find out how much less follow me on Twitter (@jcgreenx) or email me at jgreenfield@tribune.com. To find out more stick around and read a few posts.