How To Make Underwater Air Rings Like The Beluga Whales

How To Make Underwater Air Rings Like The Beluga Whales

You’ve probably seen pictures of beluga whales blowing air rings before, but you probably can’t do it yourself!

Bubble rings spin poloidally in relation to the direction that they’re traveling.  So, if you blow a bubble ring away from your face, the air inside of the ring is actually rotating towards you.

Since my explanation was unnecessarily confusing, here is some visual clarification:

how to blow bubble rings


In the picture above, the bubble ring would be moving towards the top of the page (picture air moving upwards through the middle of the vortex).

The faster that you can get the air to spin, the more stable your air ring will be / the more impressed your girlfriend will be.  In calm waters, these things can get up to 3 feet in diameter!

So, how do you blow these marvelous air rings?  The method that works best, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, is to do the following:

– Stick your tongue out through your lips (don’t let any water in, of course)

– Fill your mouth up with air

– Pop it out forcefully around your tongue

With some practice, you should have no problem blowing air bubbles like a pro!

Here’s a video demonstration that I found on YouTube:

Watch The Video (Embeds not working at this time)

Good luck!






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