Plant of The Week: Monkey Orchid

Plant of The Week: Monkey Orchid

Generally, I find plants to be rather dull.  Sure, I grow venus fly traps in my kitchen (true story), but animals are always so much more exciting to watch!

This week I decided to switch things up with the Monkey Orchid.  This flower is extremely rare, and only a few lucky collectors have been able to get an up-close look at it in real life.  They can only be found in Ecquador and Peru, and if that didn’t make it hard enough to find these flowers, the Monkey Orchid grows at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level!  That’s going to be a long hike, Chicago friends.  No sidewalks there.

Dracula gigas is the scientific name for the Monkey Orchid, which was discovered in 1978 by a guy named Luer.  The flower is famous for smelling like oranges and is not to be confused with a different species of flower also referred to as the “Monkey Orchid.”  (The latter is famous for smelling like feces.  Literally.  It smells like somebody defecated.  It is purple, though.)

Hopefully, if you go looking for the Monkey Orchid you’ll find the right one!

[via Pleurothallids and Business Insider]


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