DIY Automatic Plant Waterer - Ridiculously Simple

The title of this post might have you wondering how there could possibly be a simple way to create an automatic plant waterer.  The truth is, it’s one of the most simple tricks you will ever learn.  There are only a few steps you will need to follow before you have an automatic plant waterer which kept a bottle out of a landfill and $5 in your pocket.


Plastic water bottle
Potted plant
plastic bottle.jpg

1.  Obtain A Bottle

In order to make your DIY automatic plant waterer, you will need a disposable plastic bottle.  You can make an automatic plant waterer with a glass bottle, such as a wine bottle, but it’s more difficult to use and refill.  Thus, I recommend using a plastic water bottle.
automatic globe plant waterer diy
2.  Remove The Label and Cut

Take off the plastic label so that the bottle is transparent, and use scissors to cut off the bottom of the bottle.  (Leave the nozzle and cut the wider side of the bottle at the bottom – try to leave the bottle as long as possible.)
3.  Insert The Nozzle Into The Potted Plant

Take the skinny end of your modified water bottle, which is basically your finished DIY automatic plant waterer, and insert it into the soil of your potted plant.  Push the bottle in far enough that none of the nozzle is showing and the bottle stays firmly in position.  (If needed, rest the bottle against the side of the pot.)
4.  Fill, Then Refill, Then Refill

After you have inserted the bottle into your potted plant, fill the automatic plant waterer up to the top, and wait five minutes.  Your plant will probably soak up much of the water at first, if it is dry, and you will need to fill it back up to the top.  Now, believe it or not, you have a DIY automatic plant waterer!  That was way too easy, right?  Just remember to fill up the bottle when it gets low – this is not magic.  It still needs water.  With glass bottles, you will need to take the bottle out to refill it.


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    their is missing info

  • In reply to Jim Kelly:

    Where? I'll be happy to add something you think should be there

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    Sorry, doesn't work in any of the 4 plants I tried it. Water drains slowly out of the bottle, then slowly out of the bottom of the planter onto the floor. Nice mess I had to clean up.

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    They dont last or clog up but If you need a automatic plant water supply that feeds water to the plants for about 2 - 3 weeks and does not clog up its called a gravity cable ive purchased on ebay works great i found a link for the same item i purchased below

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    You mention a nozzle. I don’t understand that part. Where is there a water bottle with a nozzle

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