A couple of books on Cities and Transportation

Back in October, I posted about attending the National Shared Mobility Summit, and mentioned sitting in on a session with a couple of authors, whose books sounded interesting enough for me to hit up their publishers for review copies (I have a long-running book review blog, with 700 or so books featured). Since then, I... Read more »

An "Ecofriendly Marketplace"

A week or so back, I got invited to attend the official Launch event for a new web venture, Oddisay.com (pronounced like “odyssey”, but it’s easier to remember when typing in the URL to think “Odd, I say!”, with whatever permutation of an English accent you wish to give it). I don’t know if the... Read more »

Moving Together ...

Last week I was invited to attend the “Move Together” National Shared Mobility Summit down at Venue SIX10 (which is the conference center within the Spertus Institute at 610 S. Michigan). This was being presented by the Shared-Use Mobility Center, in conjunction with the North American Bikeshare Association. I didn’t get a chance to sit... Read more »

More miraculous microbes?

As opposed to the usual situation when I’m passing along links (where they’ve sat around in my browser’s tab bar until I got around to whipping up a post), this time I just got wind of this a day or so back … and not only is it quite exciting news, it’s also something of... Read more »

Back off with that Lysol ... we may need this for the car!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned previously, I’m one of those “link hoarders” who fill up browser tab bars with all sorts of stuff “to get back to” at some later date. One of my browser windows is mainly used for “parking” stories that I think might be of interest to Green Tech Chicago readers. I... Read more »

Working towards a greener Illinois ...

OK, I’ve got a couple of things “in progress” which should have come between this and the previous post, but “it’s an imperfect world”, and all, so here’s a post based on September’s “The Current” event down at Coalition: Energy. This time it was featuring the Illinois Environmental Council‘s Young Professionals Board, and their fund-raising... Read more »

Making buildings more climate-friendly ...

Got back down for the monthly “The Current” event last week at Coalition: Energy, which was featuring a presentation by Environmental Defense Fund representative Ellen K. Bell, who was discussing a program called EDF Climate Corps. This is an interesting outreach that pairs top-tier graduates students with companies looking to improve their sustainability profiles. The... Read more »

Well ...

Yes, there has been a gap of two whole months with no posts. BAD, bad, blogger! I do feel rather guilty about that, because I have a TON of things stacked up (videos, stuff from the web, etc.), but there has been chaos on various fronts around here, which has resulted in some changes. However,... Read more »

Transforming American Manufacturing ...

Green Tech Chicago got invited to come out to the Grand Opening event for the new U+I Labs yesterday morning out on Goose Island (which seems to be becoming such a major center for R&D facilities that one of the speakers joked about re-naming it “Innovation Island”). Frankly, from the preliminary invite materials, I was... Read more »

Keeping your seeds ...

OK, I realize this is way late, but I think this is the last of the interviews we did when we were down at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. As you know, one of our “hot topics” here on Green Tech Chicago, which, admittedly, isn’t very “techy” is “heirloom seeds”, and one of the... Read more »