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A couple of books on Cities and Transportation

Back in October, I posted about attending the National Shared Mobility Summit, and mentioned sitting in on a session with a couple of authors, whose books sounded interesting enough for me to hit up their publishers for review copies (I have a long-running book review blog, with 700 or so books featured). Since then, I... Read more »

More miraculous microbes?

As opposed to the usual situation when I’m passing along links (where they’ve sat around in my browser’s tab bar until I got around to whipping up a post), this time I just got wind of this a day or so back … and not only is it quite exciting news, it’s also something of... Read more »

Back off with that Lysol ... we may need this for the car!

As I’ve no doubt mentioned previously, I’m one of those “link hoarders” who fill up browser tab bars with all sorts of stuff “to get back to” at some later date. One of my browser windows is mainly used for “parking” stories that I think might be of interest to Green Tech Chicago readers. I... Read more »

Power of the Welsh Lagoon ...

This is another of those “been sitting in my browser” bits that I’m finally getting around to bringing to you (and, yes, it was a toss-up between this and editing some more video from last month’s events … but there’s a lot of that still to come). These are a couple of pieces about a... Read more »

Graphene advances ...

OK, Green Tech Chicago readers, this has gotten frustrating … I’ve attended a couple of events that I thought would provide some great interviews, but I came away with scarcely a Vine to show for it. I’ve been intending on getting more material up in here, but I’ve just not been able to get the... Read more »

Energy from your clothes, energy from your walls ...

As I’ve noted here before, I am still “on the fence” about just passing along stuff to you that’s been sitting in my browser’s tabs, because if you’re interested in this stuff, you’re probably reading the same feeds as I see, so it has the potential of being “ho-hum, read that last month!” and you... Read more »

A Tale of Two Towers ...

OK, LotR geeks, not those two towers (and not the 9/11 towers either) … over the past couple of weeks I’d seen some “green” stories involving “towers”, and thought that these two were interesting enough in their differences to pair up here. Both of these came to my attention via the feed I follow... Read more »

Biodiesel ...

OK … so this is a bit “out of left field”, but I recently read Josh Tickell’s Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-east Oil Dependence And Make Money Growing Fuel, and figured it was Green, and Tech, and although (with apologies to GWTW’s Prissy) “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout gassin’... Read more »

Some Solar Advances ...

There have been a number of interesting things on the solar power front finding their way into my browser over the past couple of weeks, so I figured I’d pull together something for the blog. The “news” part of this, of course, was the announcement of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System going on-line out... Read more »

Not new, but good ...

This article came up in my browsing this week and I thought “hey, what a great piece about The District!” … however, under closer inspection, I see that this dates back to November 2012 … so it’s hardly “new”, and I’m not sure if the details in it are still accurate, but Chicago‚Äôs urban farm... Read more »