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Green Tech Chicago is a look into the developing "green" movement in Chicago and beyond. Our city is in the midst of major expansion of "green" technology and business, one that has been compared to the development of the tech industry in Silicon Valley in decades past. From green-tech incubators such as The Plant, to the exciting plans for "The District" creating block after block of urban farms across the south side, to the "green building" movement, there's a lot happening here.
The Green Tech Chicago blog is currently the sole project of long-time Chicago Now blogger, Brendan Tripp, having had the rest of the initial "team" opt out.

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Brendan Tripp

Brendan TrippA life-long marketing communications guy, Brendan's been writing for decades, and has been blogging for over a dozen years, including a couple spent penning The Job Stalker  here on Chicago Now. He reviews books, creates videos, and is all over social media ... seriously, you can't get him to shut up.

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