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Irina Papuc, Oddisay.comA week or so back, I got invited to attend the official Launch event for a new web venture, (pronounced like “odyssey”, but it’s easier to remember when typing in the URL to think “Odd, I say!”, with whatever permutation of an English accent you wish to give it). I don’t know if the choice of this spelling was intended to be ironic, but it certainly does have a certain applicability to the site, which is an “odd” mash-up of an Esty-like shopping site (featuring products from companies that “create things that are good for the environment”) and a “social network” of (to read across their category tabs) Designers, Consultants, Engineers, Students, and Advisors.

Although the Launch was on October 2nd, the site is still somewhat slim on content other than the shopping … and it’s evident that the development focus of the ramp-up was on getting suppliers of product, with over 1,500 items currently featured. The shopping side is set up by category (a wide-ranging dozen, from “cuisine” to “toys & games”), but each product is sold through the individual vendor’s page. My first reaction, paging through there, was that there were some quite reasonably priced items (such as 3D-printed vases), as well as the expected “OMG!” high-ticket items (like a $16 paper bookmark – must be the “vegetable based GMO free ink”, I guess). This looks like quite a nice outlet for folks making niche items, and I’ve pointed several friends who are producing things along these lines to the site.

The “network” part of the site, unfortunately, appears to be having a slow start … with only 15 profiles (and at least one with “lorum ipsum” profile copy!) up on the site at this point (admittedly, I could be seen as “part of the problem”, having been invited to sign up, but not having gotten around to doing so yet) … and an “under development” banner (saying “check back in October 2015”) still sitting at the top of the site. So, if you think this is a good idea, why not sign up there and create a profile?

Anyway, the party was at O’Leary’s over on Wells St., which was noisy and crowded (but had really awesome bar food), and I was able to grab Oddisay co-founder Irina Papuc for an interview in the sidewalk seating area (please excuse the video glitch caused by the sun’s reflection off a building right over her head – didn’t notice it when we were shooting, and couldn’t do anything about it afterwards). Here’s what she had to say about the project:

Again, there’s not much non-shopping content up on the site yet, although this appears to be their “mission statement”:

Each day, thousands of designers and companies create things that are good for the environment. We want to bring them all together in an all-inclusive platform for doing good.

There is, however, a blog, with a couple of recent “green-themed” posts, but most appearing to be going back to a previous manifestation as a travel blog (Ms. Papuc’s passion). I’m assuming that as they get more of their key players organized, and an influx of environmentally-conscious folks who “want to play along”, the site will be teeming with text.

In any event, do go check out, there are many cool products to be had there … and if you feel like “helping get the ball rolling”, set up a profile as well … it looks like they need a bit of a push on that side of the project.

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