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SeedKeepers-150507OK, I realize this is way late, but I think this is the last of the interviews we did when we were down at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. As you know, one of our “hot topics” here on Green Tech Chicago, which, admittedly, isn’t very “techy” is “heirloom seeds”, and one of the challenges with dealing with these is that they’re not coming out from the big seed vendors, and keeping the information on them organized isn’t going easy as it’s not going to be printed on the packet, and you’re probably going to want to keep detailed notes on how the seeds produced and/or changed each season. We spoke with the ladies from The Seed Keeper Company, Carol Niec and Kerrie Rosenthal, whose main product is, essentialy, a filing cabinet for your seeds … but one you can carry around with you.

Here’s what they had to say when we caught up with them at the (rather noisy) vendor area of the Flower Show:

The other product that they mention is certainly good for those without a lot of storage space, “Burlap Girdles”, which slip over plastic grow bags and give shape to the “container” without using a pot. At the end of the season, they fold up and go away until needed again, which is not a well known trait for pottery. They come in several sizes and sound like a great solution for apartment dwellers who feel like doing some indoor gardening, but don’t want to start looking like the garden section of a home center!

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