Gardens ... on your wall?

Shawna CoronadoWell, after a long winter of extremely infrequent posts, you’re going to be seeing quite a lot from Green Tech Chicago over the next few weeks. Why? It’s suddenly conference/festival/event season! And that means interview features, and lots of them.

Our first is featuring fellow blogger Shawna Coronado, who we ran into down at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show at Navy Pier this past week. While she’s moved on from her Chicago Now blog, I’ve known Shawna for several years from CN events, and it was fun catching up with her. Shawna’s all about gardening, from designing them to nurturing them (check the “soil mix” tip she starts off with on the video), even to cooking with what you’ve grown in them … plus, she’s a great photographer.

Grow a Living WallI guess she was not going to mention it, but Ed asks her about her new book, Grow a Living Wall, which sounds fascinating … and is certainly a solution for apartment-dwellers (like myself) to contemplate doing a bit of gardening. She notes on her site:

{the book} discusses a revolutionary planting technique that lets you plant more than 30 plants in a floor area that is only a little over one square foot in size. Best yet there is NO WEEDING REQUIRED with the technique. Let me repeat – beautiful gardens with no weeds … These gardens can fit in any living environment and provide a growing solution for even the most challenged gardener.

Here’s our brief chat with Shawna at the show:

You can see why she ends up doing a lot of speaking and media … as she’s pretty much that bubbly all the time. However, to appreciate her photography, you really need to check out her site, I was drooling over some of the pics in her “$10 Culinary” section where she gets into recipes and restaurants! I’ve not had a chance to flip through her new book yet (hey, it just officially came out on Friday!), but I’m sure it’s got a lot of awesome ideas for both the high-rise crowd and those with minimal green space.

More stories coming soon from the flower show, and the Good Food conference that was down at the UIC Forum the past few days.

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