A Love Letter to Techweek Chicago

TW2014Dear Techweek Chicago,

It is not often I fall in love with an event, but your attractions have required me to attend each year. Our relationship is still new, only our fourth year in Chicago. I know you have gone off and seeing other cities, sharing your delights far beyond Chicago. I know New York, Miami, Los Angeles, I understand, and even forgive Detriot, which is just so close. I know when you come to Chicago you wrap me into something special. A place where my Geek Flag can just hang, twitter, post, and check in with the ease of comfortable slippers. Together, we are going to fall in love all over again this year.

This year, the fashion show gave me a thrill, and made me agonize over my own wardrobe. So we can wear fashionable clothes without giving up our tech sensibilities? Of course. The Opening Party at John Barleycorn River North (sponsored by Polsinelli) set the tone by the excitement of the crowd. Intelligence, excitement, and potential to see and hear amazing things is a powerful allure, and I can’t imagine another event, drawing me in the way Techweek Chicago has.

In the morning, I will be there for Techweek Launch, and as a competitor, I am honored that you have allowed me to participate. Nature’s Little Recyclers is an easy start up to love, but is it worth of the great Summit Stage? It just makes a guy’s head spin.

As the Expo opens, so many great people will be coming. The best and the brightest that Chicago has to offer, sharing their passions, their work, the success, and finally, the service to help expand our lives in so many ways. I remember when you whispered Uber in my ear, long before they expanded so far and so global. What will you surprise me with this year, and secretly show what the next big thing is? That is how I know you love me back.

So many speakers, including my favorites, Howard Tullman of 1871, Andrew Cross, James Janega, Melissa Harris, and so many I have yet to hear. The Summits and speakers just give me such thoughts of my own potential. Your advice from so many makes me a better Tech and businessman.

But finally, you bring me the Future Sound, to give us 16 hours of music, dancing, and party, with all my thousands of similar-minded friends. I know you love me back, the Techweek App just makes you so easy to know where you are, what your doing, and you remember all my favorites.

How by Techweek’s end can I feel nothing less than exhilarated, all my creative energies flowing, and a new respect for the Tech Community. So on this Blogapoolza, I tell you Techweek Chicago I love you, and can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

With all my twittering heart,


{NOTE: Every month Chicago Now has a challenge called “Blogapalooz-Hour” where a topic gets posted over in the CN “secret” group and the bloggers have one hour to crank out a post on that topic … this month’s topic: “Write a love letter, but it can’t be to a person.” Green Tech Chicago only infrequently plays along with this, but Ed jumped in with the above.}

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