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posterwinWent down to the Chicago Cultural Center today for the awards ceremony for the “CITY IN A GARDEN” poster design competition that the City’s Department of Sustainability was running. The contest had two phases, a panel of experts judging the entries, and a popular vote. The judges had previously narrowed the field down to the 20 images that are on the site, and the public vote came up with the image here as the winner. All 20 of these posters will be appearing around Chicago this summer.

Now, realistically, this poster contest isn’t exactly the kind of “news” that we’re looking to bring you in this blog, but I was very impressed with the introductory remarks that Karen Weigert, the City’s “Chief Sustainability Officer” prepared, so I strongly encourage you to watch the video:

Key to today’s events was the fact that the World Wildlife Federation had named Chicago as the 2014 US Earth Hour City Capital, selected #1 out of a group of 60 U.S. cities participating in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge. Part of winning this was a handful of grants which allowed the City to produce this poster program, and the event today. Some of the other info Ms. Weigert covered were charts showing downtown Chicago being “greener” that its suburbs and how well various programs for reducing energy waste were progressing. Her office is central to the City’s urban farming initiatives, and I was pleased to have a chance to finally meet her.

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