Not new, but good ... article came up in my browsing this week and I thought “hey, what a great piece about The District!” … however, under closer inspection, I see that this dates back to November 2012 … so it’s hardly “new”, and I’m not sure if the details in it are still accurate, but Chicago’s urban farm district could be the biggest in the nation from seemed like something that would be worthwhile passing along in here!

If you’re not familiar with the district … here’s the broad strokes:

The plan is an element of Chicago’s Department of Housing and Economic Development’s (DHE) Green Healthy Neighborhoods initiative, designed to shepherd and foster redevelopment in 13 square miles of the South Side. Years of disinvestment and population decline have left the area riddled with 11,000 vacant lots totaling 800 acres.

… needless to say, the concept of turn that much empty real estate into productive farms (and associated jobs) is a very exciting one, and it’s putting Chicago at the forefront of the Urban Farming movement.

Part of what I found so appealing about this piece are the links to affiliated and involved organizations, so that with a few clicks you can get background on a lot of the major players (as of a year ago, at least), which is always nice to have.

Of course, we’re not exactly disinterested parties here at Green Tech Chicago about the whole District project, as we have a Vermiculture business down at The Plant, and we’re hoping that a lot of these farms will be using our vermicast (worm poop) when they do the initial set up of their growing beds!

Anyway, I found this interesting and informative, and figured our readers would as well.

P.S. You may have noticed that posts in here have been few and far between of late. This is largely due to my having gotten some more regular freelancing/consulting gigs, which have been taking up a lot of my time (but paying me, which is good). We’re not intentionally neglecting the blog, but are trying to fit it in with my new schedule. Of course, with the winter coming in, there are also a lot less “green” things to cover. We are hoping in the new year to be getting out at least a post a week.

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