More on mighty THOR(ium) ... thought I was going to leave it with a Thorium-powered batmobile? Hardly! As a matter of fact I’ve got a bunch of stuff on Thorium coming at you!

I need to point out that my reviewing SuperFuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future the week before the new Thor movie came out was completely accidental, as it was among the last of the books I had in my “to be reviewed” pile, and it was just its time … however, I suspect that some of the other stuff I’ve been seeing about Thorium the past couple of weeks might be taking the opportunity of getting some second-hand buzz from being out with the film.

11-13-2013_Mighty_Thorium_T_SHIRT_reg1.jpgPrime among these was the “shirt of the day” for tomorrow over at 6 Dollar Shirts … it’s a cute mash-up, and if you use the coupon code THR24 you can even get free shipping on that. Remember, it’s just a one-day thing, so it’s buy on 11/13 or you missed it! But, hey, it’s awesome, only six bucks, and it ships free with that code – what’s not to like?!

Anyway … I got some comments on my post of the book review over in my personal blog, including a link to a TEDx talk featuring environmentalist Salim Zwein at TEDxBeirut 2012 on “How Thorium can save the world” …

Clicking through on some of the YouTube links attached to that, I ran into this talk given by Kirk Sorensen (who figures prominently in the first part of the Super Fuel book), at another TEDx talk, this one being TEDxYYC up in Calgary (I couldn’t find anything that spelled out what YYC stood for, so I’m assuming it’s “Yo, yo, CANADA!” or something along those lines {eh?}).

But wait … there’s MORE!

Additional clicks led me to dig up some other Thorium-related sites, including the Thorium Energy Alliance, the Energy from Thorium Foundation, and the International Thorium Energy Association.

I must admit, for a while there I was getting quite excited about this sudden burst of coverage of Thorium as an energy source, until I realized that a lot of it was no doubt the press getting “cute” with the Thor movie coming out … but I suppose getting coverage on this amazingly-overlooked source of plentiful, clean, and safe energy ironically is better than not getting that coverage at all!

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