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Food Tank - 10 Chicago ProjectsThis article crossed my path the other day, and I thought it was something we should definitely pass along to our readers.

It’s from a site called Food Tank, which bills itself as “The Food Think Tank”. Their site offers news and event listings, as well as a HUGE “Advisory Board”, full of heavy-hitters in the sustainable agricultural niche (among others), and quite a roster of “partner” organizations.

Anyway, we were impressed with their 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Chicago to Explore piece from 10/31. While not going into much detail of any of the 10 listed entities (from the rooftop farm at The Plant to the – recently profiled by the Tribune – Native Seed Gardens at the Chicago Botanical Gardens out in the ‘burbs), it at least does a brief description of each and includes numerous links that should get you whatever added info you might need.

I love the pic they used to illustrate it (I can see my place from there!), but I’m afraid it’s mislabeled, saying that it’s the Chicago Lights Farm down at Chicago & Hudson, while it’s actually a snap looking south-east from the middle of Ken Dunn’s City Farm up at Division & Clybourn (which, oddly, didn’t make the list).

This is a very interesting intro to stuff that’s happening in and around the city, and you should check it out!

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