Micro-Conference Update & Slide Deck

Green Tech Chicago Micro-Conference at 360 Café 130928As those of you following along at home may recall, last weekend we hosted a 2-hour “micro-conference” down at the Capital One 360 – Chicago Café to talk about Green Tech in Chicago, do an overview of what we’ve covered so far, and get some new story leads.

The 360 Café has been, as I’ve no doubt mentioned, the main source of coffee grounds for the Nature’s Little Recyclers worms, so was the natural place for us to hold this … aside from them having some rocking A/V equipment (check out the size of that screen running the PowerPoint presentation!) that we could use.

We gave away some free coffee and some minor swag (I made up logo fridge magnets), had some interesting conversations, and did intermittent commentary on the slides as they went by … here (finally – I had to wrestle with three different programs before I got this from a .ppt animation into a video file!) are the slides:

Of course, if you’re a regular reader, there aren’t any surprises in that, as it’s simply a parade of all of our posts so far (which you could find in our new archive section). If you’re looking for “new”, however, you can hear the full version of our video bumper music – an extended version of which I dropped in behind the slides.

Anyway, sorry you weren’t there (if you weren’t there), but this will at least give you a taste of the event.

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