We're having a "micro-conference"!

360CafeI can’t believe that I forgot to mention this sooner, having gotten it all over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. already. DOH! One would think that the Green Tech Chicago readers would be most interested in something that we’re putting on dealing with “Green Chicago”, but you seemed to have slipped my mind. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the weekend after this upcoming one (on Saturday 9/28), we’re doing a bit of an experiment (lab coats optional), with putting on something of an “unconference”, but in a very limited scope … sort of a micro-conference. First of all, we’re just looking at two hours, 10am – Noon, on a Saturday morning. You should be able to make that, right? Plus, we’re having it at the the Capital One 360 Chicago Café, which is just a couple of blocks from the Chicago & State Red Line stop, and very close to all sorts of entertaining things to do after the event.

We’re taking a page from the Ignite talks’ playbook, and looking to put together a slide deck that we’ll run through, basically doing an overview of things that we covered in the first half year or so of this blog. We’re hoping to have some folks that we’ve interviewed and/or featured show up to lend a few words, but otherwise it will just be us riffing on what we’ve covered already.

The conference is free to attend, but we have set up an EventBrite Page where you can snag tickets (we’re limited in the number of folks that 360 will let us host there), so if you think this sounds interesting, or even fun, do click on over there and sign up!

Oh, and speaking of “retrospective” kinds of things … I just finished a HUGE project of setting up an Archive of our old posts, which should make it a lot easier to refer back to stuff. There’s a new button up on the top of things on the blog (the rather obviously named “Old Posts”) that will let you click through to a chronological listing of everything we’ve blithered about in here so far. And, who knows, maybe one day I’ll have enough spare hours that I’ll be able to get that “Resources” page populated … wouldn’t that be useful?

Hope to see some of you out on the 28th!

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