Making toys from trash ... we were first contemplating doing the Green Tech Chicago blog, one of the things we thought was going to be a major part of this was making little updates of stories we’d seen on the web. While these have appeared from time to time, it’s been a surprise to us that they’ve not managed to be as frequent as we’d initially thought.

It seems that part of the problem was that (prior to our navel-gazing session a couple of months back), I was never quite sure what items were going to be “right” for the blog. Since the “2 out of 3” guideline was established (Green, Tech, Chicago – any 2 will work), things are now presenting themselves more clearly.

Today I’m pointing you at a GOOD piece, Here’s How a Milk Jug Becomes a Toy Truck, about how a San Francisco area company, Green Toys takes locally-sourced post-consumer waste (milk jugs) and upcycles them into plastic toys.

I especially liked the whole “local” element here … although it would “be a better story” if they were directly taking the milk jugs and doing the reprocessing, rather than obtaining the recovered plastic from the recycling company that does curb-side pick-up in the Bay area. A fun feature is the counter on the “green” section of their site which displays how many containers have been recycled into toys (16,866,400 just now, with that ticking up one every 5-6 seconds!).

Anyway, I found this a charming story, and figured I’d pass it along. Hopefully we’ll both get used to these shorter “newsy” missives here.

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