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Jeanne Nolan's "From The Ground Up" - http://btripp-books.livejournal.com/148394.htmlSo this is a bit convoluted. We’re still “feeling our way through” on this blog, and sometimes things seem strange. What I’m doing in this post is pointing you to a review that I wrote elsewhere (on my main book review blog – where you can find well in excess of 500 reviews) for a book that is very on-target for the Green Tech Chicago blog.

Jeanne Nolan’s From The Ground Up is about a lot of stuff, primarily circling around creating and maintaining one’s own gardens … although this is presented in an autobiographical tale which follows the author from her school years in the “John Hughes”-esque suburbs, into a couple of decades living on communes around the country, and eventually back to Chicago.

When she was rebuilding her life, the one thing she really knew was organic gardening from her commune experience, and built on this, both helping to develop the Green City Market’s Edible Gardens project at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and her own company, The Organic Gardener (through which she has created numerous garden projects around the city, from the rooftop installations at Uncommon Ground to a front yard garden at Mayor Emanuel’s home).

I don’t really want to re-review the book here (or review my review), so just click on through (the pic of the book’s cover should take you there), and give it a read.

You’ll be seeing more about Ms. Nolan’s work here in the not-too-distant future, as I’ll be soon heading up to shoot a video interview with her at the Edible Gardens, a feature that we’d initially planned on doing some months back.

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