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An interview with Mark Rice of Energy Connection at Funding Feeding Frenzy '13OK, so I’m surprised as anybody that it took over a week to get this next post, from the Funding Feeding Frenzy a couple of weeks back, up on here. I actually had the thing half coded, got the pictures done, got the videos done, heck, even had the web site open in a tab next to it … but just wasn’t able to triage the time to sit down and jot down my notes. Sorry about that!

As you can tell by the same funky lighting as in the last video, this was another case of snagging somebody right by the Nature’s Little Recyclers table in the Chopin Theater basement. In this case, we were talking to Mark Rice, the guy who runs Energy Connection, headquartered out in Northbrook, IL.

They weren’t exhibiting at the F.F.F., but seemed to be there to scope out what was getting funded, as Mr. Rice did indicate that part of his business was getting hooked up with new technologies. Here’s what he had to say:

Frankly, I’m still a bit hazy on what exactly their model is, but it appears to be about energy options (they have solar, wind, and other sources in the mix) for both home and business customers. Here’s a bit from their site:

Green Alternatives
Electricity generation is one of the single largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and for most organizations, the use of electricity might be the largest single source of green house gas emissions for which you have responsibility. … Address climate change and choose more sustainable and renewable products and service options. … 98 percent of electricity produced in the United States comes from non-renewable resources that are harmful to our environment. By purchasing Green-e certified electricity, you are becoming part of the solution to this environmental problem. Instead of your electricity coming from coal, nuclear, and natural gas facilities, you will be using electricity from solar, hydro, geothermal and other forms of renewable sources.

Again, sorry about taking two weeks to get this up. I’ve got several pieces from Techweek waiting for me to edit them, plus a bunch of footage I shot at a “press event” on Monday. Hopefully, around family stuff on the 4th, I’ll be able to get some of this edited and a few posts up by the weekend!

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