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An interview with Michael Edmonds of S&C Electric.While it came awfully close on the heels of the exhausting span of Techweek (interviews from which will be showing up here the next several days), I still managed to make it out to an event at S&C Electric Company (which we’d featured in one of our posts from the Windpower show a month or so back) bright and early on Monday morning.

The occasion was the ground-breaking for a new expansion on their already quite rambling corporate campus (a remarkable thing to see in the City these days) which will support their growth in several areas:

Today, S&C Electric Company celebrates the groundbreaking of a new engineering offices building {to} house the Power Systems Solutions team, which delivers comprehensive services and solutions for electric utilities, renewable energy plants and critical power users like hospitals, factories and data centers. … The need for reliable and efficient power systems continues to grow, and communities worldwide ā€” including Chicago ā€” are working to increase their use of clean energy supplies. The facility will support S&Cā€™s ongoing development of innovative new solutions to address 21st-century power delivery challenges, creating a modern smart grid that is more reliable, stable and flexible to meet energy needs today and the future.

As we noted in a previous piece, S&C is a significant player in the equipment end of the clean energy movement, providing systems to transfer and store energy produced by renewable power sources such as wind and solar. Here is their VP of Strategic Solutions, Michael Edmonds, discussing how the new building fits in with their efforts towards developing a “Green Grid”:

They had quite a crowd on hand, with representatives of many community groups and businesses in attendance, as well as a dais full of notables, from their board members to assorted aldermen, commissioners, and a representative from the Mayor’s office, most of whom gave brief speeches (I recorded one, but figured it was a bit much for including in with this blog post!) prior to their heading out into the construction site to turn over a symbolic shovel of dirt (with gold-plated shovels). There was also a reception afterwards, and they invited me to come back some time for a full tour in their demo area.

As you may know, I used to be the primary writer for The Job Stalker on Chicago Now, and am still quite tuned in to the employment field (largely due to my continuing unemployment), and I’ve been impressed with the fact that S&C is one of the few places that I’ve encountered that is constantly looking to hire folks, with a fairly long list of positions they need to fill. Admittedly, a lot of those jobs are for engineers, but it’s always encouraging to find a place where there are jobs! As mentioned in the interview above, the addition of the new building up there is likely to add another couple of hundred positions … so if you’re looking, you might want to take a look at their job listings.

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