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Image by Babak Fakhamzadeh - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mastababa/This is not going to be your typical Green Tech Chicago blog post … no video, no interview, not even some pic I took while out-and-about (that image is courtesy of the ever-useful Creative Commons search). Nope, this one’s all about “navel-gazing”, thinking about who we are and what we’re doing here.

Why, you might well ask, has this come up now? Well, we have been attending a lot of things that have made me slightly uncomfortable that we might be sliding “off topic” for the blog, and I’m pretty sensitive about this (no doubt due to my having been blogging for well over a decade and “ghost” blogging on a freelance basis in various niches), having one “miscellaneous” blog already, and not wanting to have this one drift in that direction. I’m also fairly sensitive to the possibility arising of any suggestion that we’ll cover anything that includes a buffet (or as the late Ron May used to shout across an event space “hey, there’s Tripp again, stuffing his face!”) … something that I’d been struggling with since attending a recent outing that ended up with quite a generous lunch, and wondering how much that was influencing my take on the event!

As those following along since we started this back in February will recall, the genesis of Green Tech Chicago came from our “Urban Vermiculture” biz down at the green-tech incubator, The Plant, and our perception that there wasn’t much stuff locally that was talking about that niche. We’re still “feeling our way through” here (Ed was planning on doing a lot more regular “editorial” kinds of things but that got short-circuited when his “editorial assistant” bailed on us due to my heretical – and apparently overly strident – views against slavishly following style books), but I do think we’ve hit a pretty good rhythm based largely on our attending various events.

I had an email exchange with Ed over the past couple of days asking some questions about what was “green” about certain things we’d spent time on, and he got back to me with some quality thoughts on those (see upcoming posts), but I’ve been kicking things around in my head and I think I’ve come up with a fairly good “rule of thumb” for what we’re looking to cover in the blog (this is not to say that we won’t “draw outside those lines” on occasion, of course).

Green. Tech. Chicago. That’s our name, that’s our focus. What I’m thinking is that if something is two of those, we’re good-to-go. If a story is “green tech” from anywhere, I have no problem covering it. If it’s “tech” and in the Chicago area, it doesn’t necessarily have to be “green” (such as my report over the weekend from that 3D Print place opening in Evanston). And if it’s “green” and local, it doesn’t really need to have a “tech” angle for us to feature it.

This does mean, however, that I might not consider a “green” story that’s really local to, say, San Francisco … or an only-moderately-cool “tech” story that doesn’t have “green” or local implications … and if it’s just a Chicago story without either “green” or “tech” elements, we’ll probably take a pass (unless it came with free tickets to something we wanted to see, and in which case I’d probably “tap dance” real hard to squeeze out a story angle that fit! … just kidding … sorta).

Anyway, that’s the navel-gazing du jour … we’ll return you to your regular programming once I get a chance to edit the video that we shot at the 3D Printing Conference last week.

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