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An interview with Naomi Davis of BIG: Blacks In Green, at Green Festival Chicago 2013.This weekend saw Green Festival Chicago happening out at Navy Pier, and Ed and I had press credentials to cover the show. We had quite the day out there on Sunday, walking the entire exhibit floor, sitting through some interesting presentations, and shooting about a dozen interviews.

One of the most exciting was the one with Naomi Davis of BIG: Blacks In Green, an organization based in the West Woodlawn neighborhood, which is focused on “Green Village Building™“, a system of building self-sufficient communities based on the 12 Propositions of “Grannynomics™” (you will find that a lot of their material involves trademarked terms).

Here’s her over-view of their program:

We serve as bridge and catalyst among communities and their stakeholders in the design and development of “walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play villages” within black neighborhoods. We teach Grannynomics™ and Green-Village-Building™ – a whole-system solution for the whole-system problems common to black communities everywhere. Together they highlight the disproportionate negative impacts of global warming on communities of color, the health/wealth opportunities of the new green economy, the conservation lifestyle, and train community members to lead where they live. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas levels via local living economies. But uniquely, our walkable villages are designed to increase household income, by increasing the rate at which neighbor-owned businesses are created and sustained, thus keeping resident money active locally, supporting community self-interests, and preserving the heritage of a place. Thus, we address the terrible triplets of pollution, poverty, and plutocracy.

The project that they were introducing at this year’s show is the Black Crowdfunding Club, which reminds me a bit of the Kiva model, but on a local, neighborhood basis rather than half-way around the world.

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