Saving "Green" at Tax Time with Green Upgrades ...

Well, it’s not everyday that we’re able to show some love up the Tribune foodchain, but in the Chicago Homes section of the paper today (and yes, I still get 7-day delivery of the “dead tree” edition), the cover blurb was “The Power Of Going Green” and its corresponding story The rewards of going green, is available over on the Trib’s web site.

There certainly are some incentives available that could result in “putting some cash back in your pocket while adding value to your home”, but this is no walk in the park:

Tax incentives are available to help offset the cost of going green. But whether you do the improvements yourself or hire a professional, the burden of making sure you have satisfied the requirements to get a tax credit falls squarely on your shoulders.

… and the complexity of keeping up with all the regulations, programs, and governmental entities above is (in my reading of this) insane!

One would hope that, with the expanding consciousness of “green” living, there might be some streamlining of this, but my #1 take-away from the multitudinous details here was that I’m very glad I live in a high-rise apartment building and don’t have to deal with this stuff until I have to buy a replacement refrigerator or other appliance!

That being said, the article’s author, Leslie Mann, does quite a thorough job of walking the reader through the morass of paperwork, deadlines, and tax issues involved.

If you are looking to update your home, you certainly should check out this piece … lots of information in there – even if most of it made my head swim!

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