Putting the "Green" into "Tech" - and Winning!

Techweek LAUNCHLast week we got queried by the folks over at Techweek about doing a promo for their LAUNCH contest. Now, I’ve attended Techweek the past couple of years, and my initial impression has been that the general thrust of the event (and this competition, by extension) has been focused on the latest “cool apps” and other computer-related innovations.

Here at Green Tech Chicago, we consider a lot of projects “tech”, even if that involves getting dirt under one’s fingernails. I challenged the folks at Techweek about this, and got the following, reasonably encouraging, response:

The LAUNCH competition is open to all interested tech start-ups and encourages participation from a wide variety of industries. They are looking for trailblazers and innovative thinkers who are changing the way the world works, whether that’s by finding ways to make plastic out of waste agricultural products or creating a hospital computer system that allows for more efficient patient care.

If they make an impact they are more than qualified. LAUNCH is a great opportunity for the green technology sector and its start-ups to network and gain recognition for their work.

So, if you have a “Green” start-up that fits the parameters of the LAUNCH competition (less than $2 million in funding and less than 3 years old), you might consider putting in an application!

Oh, one additional point … HURRY! … applications for the LAUNCH contest have to be in by Friday, May 10th, so you don’t have a whole lot of time.

It would be great for the Green movement in Chicago if some of our representative companies (and I’m looking at all our co-tenants down at The Plant!) would end up among the 70 start-ups being featured. The following, snagged from the LAUNCH promotional materials, gives you the broad strokes on the contest:

Over the next three weeks the most startups from across the country will compete for one of 70 slots at this year’s Techweek, where one lucky winner will walk away with $100,000 and recognition from the tech-industry elite.

If selected, startups will showcase their products and services at Techweek Chicago’s ‘Startup City’ Friday, June 28th for a chance to be among the four selected LAUNCH finalists to compete in front of thousands on the main stage. A panel of top venture capitalists, key technology figures and Techweek attendees will then select one winning startup they believe will shape the future of the tech world and pave the way for other up-and-comers. The winner is awarded bragging rights and $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Needless to say, were Tilapia or Turnips, Worms or Wood Ear Mushrooms to end up taking home a prize, it would open up a lot of eyes to what we’re building in this city … so, have a look at their site, and maybe take a shot at this.

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