Environmental insurance ... who knew?!

Daren Gretz at WINDPOWER 2013As I noted, a lot of the folks we were talking with at the WINDPOWER show weren’t the sort of organizations that we’d usually be featuring, but because the show was about alternative energy, there were a number of surprising exhibitors we were led to by our show staff handler (who’d put together a list of Chicago-based companies for us). One of these was Willis (yeah, those guys), which was there featuring their Wind Energy Practice … in talking with them, we found out that they also have a “Global Environmental Practice” which employs a lot of folks whose function is, “if there is a claim” (i.e., something goes wrong), to help fix the damage. Who knew?

This is a bit from the video interview with Willis V.P. Daren Gretz:

“Environmental liability is a very unique specialized service that we provide … an insurance product that will transfer the risk for environmental exposure. We also provide, in addition to the actual insurance coverage, a lot of the engineering that goes with that to really identify what those exposures are (to mitigate those exposures) and, should there be a claim, we have environmental engineers and specialists that would come in and help resolve those claims.”

I wish I had more interesting stuff to quote here, but insurance is, well, everything one suspects it is as far as entertaining reads … and no matter how far I dug into their website, I wasn’t able to find anything any more engaging to bring you than the following snippet:

An organization’s exposure to environmental risk depends on many diverse but inter-related factors, including past and present company operations, geographical setting, contractual arrangements, and the prevailing legal framework in relevant territories. … Insurance products have been developed to cover the financial uncertainties that emanate from an organization’s various exposures to environmental liability. Each organization’s environmental risk profile is unique.

… but it is fascinating to see how many things along these lines are in place and available out there!

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