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Peter Gray of Acciona at WINDPOWER 2013As I mentioned, Ed and I ended up coming back to the WINDPOWER show for a second day, as we’d not been able to get a hold of folks to talk to at several companies on the “Chicago-based” list (that our show handler had developed for us) during our initial visit. I was glad we made it back for this one, as they were doing some very interesting things.

I thought the following quote from their site was a nice bit for putting the industry in context … note that this company is into pretty much all the renewable energy technologies (I did hear a lot of “sniping” around the show about how various other systems compared to wind):

North America is rich in natural resources, including an inexhaustible supply of wind and sunlight. The United States and Canada are at the forefront of renewable energy development, and have the potential to lead the world to a more sustainable energy future. Acciona Energy North America develops, owns and operates renewable energy projects across the United States and Canada.

Acciona Energy has focused on wind and solar energy in North America and has global experience in biomass, hydropower and biofuels as well. Acciona Energy is leading the charge to tap into our resources and create renewable energy to run our homes, businesses, even transportation — the power that runs our daily lives.

In the interview below, with Peter Gray, it is notable that he is very bullish on the US being able, within a fairly short period of time, to switch to a Renewable Energy model … this might be due to their company being involved in the whole array of technologies, rather than being locked into just one. I also found it interesting that, as opposed to some of the other folks we talked to, Acciona also appears to be the developer/manager of wind farm projects, instead of just being a manufacturer for the equipment involved.

Mr. Gray also had Tweeted out to me a link to a video they have which is interesting in showing the scale of these wind turbines, and how they’re constructed. The two “mini” turbines behind him in the interview were there to illustrate two options for placement, one with a steel tower, and one with a cement tower, which appear in their full-size versions in that video.

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