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MWUFS-02sc-rLast weekend’s Midwest Urban Farmers Summit was quite well attended, and drew a crowd representing a wide swath of the “Green” community in the Chicagoland area. We attempted to approach a representative sampling of attendees and speakers for mini interviews, and here’s the next of those.

Gerald Van Dyk is a member of The Koumbit Collective which is being developed over in the Humbolt Park area. Their goal is to “produce wonderful agricultural products for our city, while creating funds and interest for charitable works both local and worldwide” and to “empower the urban gardener with our organic starter plants, and also produce fruits, vegetables, herbs, teas, and several other cottage industry products through our low-impact sustainable urban farm”.

I found their name interesting, as it’s both a borrowed word, and a concept that defines their group dynamic. They have a definition on their web site which goes:

A koumbit [\koom-beet\] in Haitian Creole is a group of people that get together to accomplish a common goal. It is often used to refer to a group of farmers that take turns collectively working a day on each others’ land. In this way they are able to accomplish large projects in a day’s time, the only compensation being a meal and the understanding that the whole group will come to help you when your own farm needs work.

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