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Laviyah AyannaAside from the groups and speakers at the Midwest Urban Farmers Summit, there was also a small collection of “exhibitors”, providing food products. A notable presence among these (as she was producing lots of great aromas from The Plant’s kitchen while preparing lunch offerings) was Laviyah Ayanna of Ste Martaen which makes “vegan cheese alternatives”, runs a vegan food truck, and offers vegan catering.

I was surprised to taste the vegan cheese, as this isn’t something that I’d encountered previously, and was fascinated to read its ingredients on their web site (they have each product detailed there – go take a look, because if I list things here it will seem like I’m knocking it, when the end result is quite tasty). This is what they say regarding these:

Our goal with Ste Martaen is not to emulate dairy cheese, but to offer consumers a product that can elegantly substitute its dairy counterpart or enhance your everyday vegan meal.  Our Ste Martaen cheese alternatives are Vegan and 100% Dairy, Soy and Gluten Free.  Unlike most of vegan cheese brands on the market today, we do not add additional oils or emulsifiers to imitate the high fat content of dairy cheese.

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