An introduction to "The Plant"

Last night, March 1st, 2013 was the “Evening with the Worms” event being hosted by Nature’s Little Recyclers down at The Plant. The program was quite a success, with tours of the vermiculture operations, including the just-built “reactor” (a very large box for many worms – about the size of 20 bins – that allows for continuous flow-through of the vermicast), as well as snacks featuring the products of other tenants of the center, including Peerless Bread & Jam (who had some amazing cookies, aside from, well, wonderful breads & jams), and specialty greens by The Urban Canopy (who were also on hand and fresh-squeezing wheat grass).

As many of the attendees had not previously heard of the facility, John Edel, Executive Director of The Plant, gave a “welcoming” talk, which we were able to snag a video of … so here that is:

We have a bit more video to edit, but we’ll have at least one more piece coming through in the next couple of days from last night. One of the things that we’re hoping to do a lot of here is interviews of the many, many people working on “green tech” projects across Chicagoland, and we’re feeling a bit embarrassed that nearly all the stories we’ve done so far have been about The Plant, or things at The Plant … but that’s just how the first couple of weeks of writing Green Tech Chicago have played out!

Oh, and if you want another look at stuff from last night, there’s also a Vine that I shot there!

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