A response to "fan mail"- Keeping it simple

Another message I received from one of  the many awesome people I have come to know from doing the thing that I do ….wrestle…..this question from one of my dear fans. “@.@” who shall remain anonymous out of respect.

“What is it that made you the nice soul that you are?  One would sometimes think you were a doctor or a counselor instead of a wrestler.”

These kinds of questions usually leave me speechless but today well today you get an answer.

The oxymoron would be that it would be from the fighting, my trangressions, my anger from life ‘s bad experiences (that we all have) and thee releasing of that darkness from inside of me RESPONSIBLY, that I would be able to enrich my life and grow as much as I have, wrestling has taught me so damn much! My journey all these years in wrestling has been in my experience always a more spiritual one  than that of others I witnessed around me. I have been blessed to do some things that a lot could only wish to do but it would be because my goals were always a bit LOFTY and more personal…and I was willing to go through hell for them. Also, like to turn my negatives into positives, to truly represent who I am as best as I could, not hide it and be someone I’m not in search of false favor, to always get better not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, accept my mistakes and move on, to fight for my rights as a female, as a mother, as a daughter, just plainly serve others as a visual basic element especially my two kids, so that they may receive some encouragement or support from my violence and chaos in the ring, lol, because words serve well but a visual can capture anyone and replace a million words, in just seconds. As a person, I just knew what I needed and I don’t pursue the shallow side of the things in my life. I think that my self criticism is a curse and a blessing, it is what helps me, the  two nuns in catholic grammar school, my moms/dads voice in my ear and well, some of the input of the “GREAT ONES” that I have been blessed with that touched my life as I trudged along. These are all the things that have helped me. I believe we all know right from wrong, the difference in us however, is how much wrong your willing to accept or deny, how much wrong you think you will be okay with just to get what you want. I just want to keep it simple and not be stupid. I just want to work hard and earn mine and if I can lend a helping hand because I was lucky enough to understand something a little better and I got it, well gosh why not, it’s only right. I think sometimes it’s just the way you’re made, your cellular makeup, your DNA. Mine, I think just had an old soul in it…and I have this amazing curiosity for human behavior and the brain. (Again the oxymoron would be every time I was going to turn face ….haha bad things would happen -so I never got that genuine good guy run- I have always been a great bad guy- an evildoer from hell). Short summation of this long story; I think I was just blessed with a great set of eyes, ears and most importantly perspective, “I GET IT” –  the  big picture that is, and most importantly I just always chose not to be an as$@#hole,  unless absolutely necessary,   THAT’S ALL REALLY!

All this well, to humbly just say thanks to my awesome, no “GREAT” supporters-wrestling fans for always being cool as heck! Love and yours truly, Great Cheyenne

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