Women in Sports

Women in Sports


As I open the June  11, 2012 issue of ESPN,  I am not only curious but excited to read about the careers of today’s top female athletes, who are not only  breaking modern day barriers but most importantly doing what they love to do.

A bit from that ESPN issue- 6/11/2012 front pg.:

The front page caption reads and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Strong , sexy, fierce, smart, powerful, playful, underpaid, over-hyped, dramatic, hot, second-class, equal. What we talk about, when we talk about Women In Sports.”

page 49:

“It’s the fire in their eye, the flash of their teeth, the swing in their waists, the joy in their feet. This is an issue about phenomenal not because they win the most titles, make the most money, jump the loudest. Phenomenal because,they own who they are: they control their image, command their careers, play how they want to play. Forty years ago, Title IX gave women greater entry into the wide world of sports. Forty years later, many obstacles remain in their way. But while their stories can’t all have happy endings, still they play on. Heads unbowed. phenomenally.”

Since the beginning of my 11 plus years in wrestling I am a bit disturbed because I would think we would be further along than what we are but glad, for lack of a better word, that I am not alone and there are others out there overcoming obstacles doing what they love to do, not selling themselves short, NOT living their lives for someone else and doing what someone tells them to but doing what makes them happy and changing the way the world sees us women in sports!

As I continue reading… I am familiar with some names in the 6/11/2012 issue of ESPN  but many I am just hearing for the first time, amazingly ESPN is bringing these females to the public light. This is always good! I think now would be appropriate to observe a  moment of silence for the contenders that they will eventually “KILL”! ( huge evil grin on my face)

Others of us in the mean time will resort to all the free social networking sites to publicize ourselves and then make note of things as we have accomplished them. Waiting for that break or opportunity and trying to open the right doors while committing to our sport wholeheartedly, support or no support. Many times making it in to the wrestling forums, charts and various top internet and circulating wrestling sites and magazines even TV tapings… still not making it into the mainstream news. We still continue to wrestle because it is what we love to do regardless of the outcome.

page 63 :

You ain’t seen nothing yet we are only scratching the surface of what women can accomplish in sports.”

“Forty years after Title IX was passed, there are still ceilings to be broken, boundaries to be pushed and paths to be paved. Of the many women stepping up to the challenge, espnW and the Mag selected 33 top game changers, based on power, influence, and ability to inspire.

Whoever wrote this had to be a women! yup most of them were women … but there were a few men, props to them for going against the grain and standing on their own. I really suggest you look this issue up and become aware of who is who in female sports after-all, there must be a woman in your life /family that you would want the world to support in her endeavors toward success, mother, daughter , sister, aunt , cousin? It starts here with you.

For the entire list of women who will change the way sports are played go to espnW.com

While professional wrestling in the U.S.A. will never fall into any of these sports lists because its not an officiated sport and falls under entertainment here, we are athletes nonetheless. We overcome, endure and accomplish just as much , myself holding a few Men’s World Titles… hence having had to fight men to obtain these .It hasn’t been easy on my part while even the ratings and charts within the industry won’t recognize inter-genders, so ranking you in the industry, well sometimes doesn’t happen. After all who in their right mind wants to see a woman beating a man up!? Either way, I pursue my ring time despite many of the circumstances often times not in my favor. Wrestling is wrestling, if you are good you are good, gender is just one aspect of many.Although I love wrestling females, I have had many great matches, some of my best ones were vs. a man. Perhaps the Great Cheyenne will list her own top female  list of women who will change the way wrestling is perceived in this modern day sports warfare. We will just have to stay tuned in to see.

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