"Paintings, Words, Submission Holds & Slams- This is MY LIFE!"

Wrestling is not only a sport, not only a culture; it is a form of expression. The tools we use are more than just bumps and bruises. Aggression, art, athleticism, character, glitter and gold are also the tools of our craft. They are what we use in the ring, our center stage, to tell some of the best stories in the world. We, the wrestlers, represent two sides of life, good & evil, yin & yang, night & day. Epic stories are told in a glorious fashion because the human dynamic is everything. The possibilities are endless, courageous and ruthless! From visuals of all sizes, shapes and colors, there are so many ways to tell our lives. The characters, well, we are the paint. The mat, it is our canvas. Our actions, they are the statements made in the ring. Here history takes place in a universal language.

I am tired but, if you have some time, you can stay. Sit, have a drink and we can tell you our story. A glorious story where courage, fortitude, and perseverance are all but the glamour you see from your front row seat.

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  • Looking forward to your many tales!

  • In reply to RobN:

    Thank you - I appreciate it!

  • Awesome pictures.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Thank you !

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