If You Give a Schitt About Love, Family and Core Values, Read This and Watch

I know, I know, I’m late to the party.

An amazing mom posting DIY costumes on IG crushed it with this one!

An amazing mom posting DIY costumes on IG crushed it with this one!

A couple of years ago I watched the first few episodes of Schitt’s Creek and didn’t feel connected. I moved on to other binges (Jane the Virgin is a chat for another time). Today, however, it’s with huge gratitude that I tell you that I approached Schitt’s Creek again in the past couple of months. And I have never been more grateful for the genius of a television show.

Schitt’s Creek struck a chord for me right now because of this dark, uncertain, scary time we’re living in where people’s rights are at risk, their safety isn’t a guarantee, and the light really isn’t visible at the end of all of this – and may never be. The story lines are clean, but real, and they show people working through their stuff alone and together, and leaning on and learning from each other in every single episode.  Every single episode shares wisdom.

And Schitt’s Creek is brilliant in its portrayal of love and family. The family and the community love each other unconditionally, they grow together, and they find joy in each other’s success. They build each other up, they think nothing of love that looks different for everyone – they embrace it! – and these small-town folks combined with once-rich elite create such a beautiful juxtaposition with the message that kind people are cool, classic and captivating.

After just a few episodes, I was undeniably caring about and committed to the characters. The writing is brilliant, the chemistry with the cast is palpable.

And the wardrobes play a role of their own!

From the powerful black and white, leather-adorned sweaters with skirts on the lead male to the over-the-top metallic of the matriarch, the clothing tells stories about the characters’ core values and beliefs. Sometimes outrageous, the costumes allow characters to carry an aura of self-confidence and individuality. And yet for another character, the sultry and sexy, but smart and sophisticated, wardrobe allow her to be a feminine, on-the-surface-flighty female character who ultimately oozes kindness and growth as a young woman finding herself and her inner strength.

Schitt’s Creek allowed me to escape the often-exhausting reality of these past couple of months as the pressures of balancing school, work, life and family hit a fever pitch. I’m especially grateful for the 25-minute-ish episodes because there’s no guilt in watching two after lights-out in our house — for both my kids and my hubby. I’ve dreamt of kitschy tuba tunes because even the theme song evokes emotion in that it’s awkward and beautiful at the same time.

Seriously, if you give a shit about love, family, core values and your own mental health, give yourself the gift of Schitt’s Creek. Soak up the six seasons and reflect on the huge cultural impact this show has had. You will be grateful, like I am. And then you’ll be wondering how soon before you can start over and watch again, like I am.






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