If You Give a Schitt About Love, Family and Core Values, Read This and Watch

I know, I know, I’m late to the party. A couple of years ago I watched the first few episodes of Schitt’s Creek and didn’t feel connected. I moved on to other binges (Jane the Virgin is a chat for another time). Today, however, it’s with huge gratitude that I tell you that I approached... Read more »

I Cried Today Because (Fill in the Blank)

For my family, this week marked the start of eLearning. It brought with it everything you might expect coming off of months of togetherness, an unclear future, underlying fears for our health and safety, a new routine and so much mystery. Both of my kids (4th and 7th) used the words excited and terrified in... Read more »

A Poem: You Are a Person, So Am I. And a wife, mom, teacher, worker and more.

The message came Friday afternoon, taking the day from snow white to blue. E-learning continues, “in-person” comes to an end, we’re sad even though it’s no surprise to me — or to you.   The governor is protecting us, that’s most important – it’s what he has to do. But he said no “in-person” school… Excuse... Read more »

Why Is This Night/Sunday Different From All Other Nights?

This question is a pinnacle part of a Passover Seder (ritual/festive meal) asked by the youngest in attendance. Typically it’s followed by a lengthy answer, telling the tale of plagues and exile, then freedom. This year, the answer seems much simpler: Because the world changed and our Passover, and our Easter, will be like no... Read more »

I’m Embarrassed, But I’ll Admit It

It was a cozy, freezing, snowy January, er November, day off of school. Some tweens were hanging around the house and my little man was sprawled on the couch in front of the fire. I’m whipping up some lunch, and… A friend popped over to rescue me with snow boots for the little man. (Another... Read more »

How Do You Really Feel About It?

I’ve been asked this question at least a half-dozen times in the past two weeks. And while it’s a valid question, meant usually with sincerity to force me past the easy answer of “I’m excited,” the frequency I’ve been asked it makes me wonder. Today I’m wondering why people are skeptical that I’m excited about... Read more »

To my tween daughter (and her friends, both boys and girls) on the eve of middle school:

I’m not a magician. If I knew the magic words to make the mystery of middle school melt away, I would share them with you and the zillions of other 11-year-old brains spinning tonight with so many questions and lots of worries. While not magical, I can tell you that you will figure it all... Read more »

What do a Frappuccino and a phone number have in common?

The answer is nothing, at least nothing yet. But that could all change soon, and I sure hope it does. You see, if you know me or have been around me during this first chunk of summer for the past two summers, you know I have a dream-come-true and a hot-button issue simultaneously. I have... Read more »

Marie Kondo Requires Joy, I Say Gratitude

Do I need an 11×14 framed photo of my high school boyfriend? Maybe I can find his mom and give it to her! What about my pom pons circa 1993? They’re green and white (West Bloomfield Lakers and Michigan State colors), and I went to Michigan so unless they’re maize and blue, I’m thinking I... Read more »

I Found My “Something.” Have You?

It was just about a year ago. I can picture it clear as day because I was idling waiting for a giant freight train rumbling across my path, and I said to my friend: “Do you feel in your gut that this is going to be something?” She assured me, and I gave an emphatic,... Read more »