Seven Ingredients to Spice up Your Chili

Seven Ingredients to Spice up Your Chili

As the days grow shorter and temperatures continue to drop, it is time to turn to our favorite warming comfort foods. Chili is a classic cold-weather dish: it’s hearty, warm, and full of flavor. 20120126-vegan-chili-5

There’s a lot more you can do to your chili than the usual beans, beef, tomatoes and spices. Here are some unique ingredients that can be added to your chili recipe to give it more flavor and complexity. The best ingredient to include:  invite your grandchild or grandchildren over to your house and make chili together and then have a yummy family dinner.

  1. Chocolate. Unsweetened cocoa powder or baking chocolate is a great way to give chili a richer flavor and color.
  2. Lime juice. This will provide a light tangy flavor and crispness.
  3. Honey. A tablespoon or two will add a natural sweetness to your chili recipe.
  4. Cornmeal. This will thicken your chili a bit and give it a bit of a polenta taste.
  5. Mexican beer. Mix in a little for a more robust flavor.
  6. Zucchini. Make your chili heartier and healthier with chopped veggies.
  7. Cactus leaves. Chopped cactus leaves, or “nopales,”  give white chili a delicate, green bean flavor.


Stay warm, grammas!

Do Something GOOD Today: Change up one of your old “tried and true” recipes – you might be pleasantly surprised!

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