Birthday party ideas, holiday gifts, marketing ideas, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair had it all

This weekend was the 10th Annual Chicago Toy and Games Fair at Navy Pier.   I attended the event last year and my family and I had such a great time.  This year, because I am a blogger I was able to attend a private event for the fair.  The guest speaker was Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank.  Kevin is the infomercial guru.   He is urging all entrepreneurs to seek out mommy bloggers to advertise their products because it is much more affordable than hiring a marketing agency.

Out of all of the great toys and games at the fair, I was most impressed by the Ben’s Bubble Show.  This guy did some amazing things with bubbles.  See the video below.  If my children were still small, I would hire this guy as entertainment for their birthday parties.  The fair had toys and games for all ages.  Unlike in a store, all items are available for the kids to touch and play with.

The kids were in heaven.  They got to ride little scooters and cars.  The Speed Stacks booth was insane!  This is a very simple game where you have a certain amount of time to stack and unstack cups.  They had tables set up for kids to just walk up and play.  They had this freaky cool play dough that was made of tiny balls.  It reminded me of the dippin dots ice cream.  There was even a game based on the electoral college.  This is an event that is not to be missed next year if you have children.  Visit for information on the fair for 2013.


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