A shout out to some heroes of the Colorado Shootings & their parents

I would like to offer my thoughts, prayers and condolences to victims and their families of the Colorado theatre shootings.

While there were many heroes in that theatre, I am only going to focus on four. There were four young men who obviously had good parents who raised them well. These young men did something extraordinary in that movie theatre.

Jarell Brooks is 19-years old. He is not even old enough to drink.  Technically, he is still a teenager.  When he finally decided to get off of the floor and make a run for the exit, he heard a woman screaming with her kids.  He got behind her and her children and pushed them through the aisle and out to safety but not before getting shot in the leg while shielding them.  That family was the family that I wrote about last week.  That was Particia Legarretta with her infant and toddler.  This family was initially at the theatre with Patricia’s fiancee, Jamie.  Jamie left Patricia and the children in the theatre and ran to safety.  Thank God that Jarell, a complete stranger, was willing to risk his life to save theirs.  Jarell could have ecsaped unharmed had he not stopped to help this family.  He realized that he could be shot but he knew that it was the right thing to do because his parents taught him to be a man.

Jarell was quoted in a DailyNews article: “I saw someone in distress, he said. I’m not the kind of person who would let them be in that situation and me selfishly trying to get myself out of the equation…. all she’s trying to do is protect her kids, so I felt like if I could get her out, then maybe, I would have gotten out maybe I wouldn’t, as long as I know she was OK I was alright”.

Patricia was quoted as saying: “It makes me feel glad because I felt helpless,” she said. “Everybody at that moment was going through it, and to know that someone had that mindset, it makes me feel happy to know that in times of trial, there are good people out there.”

I’m just glad that Jarell did not lose his life saving this family and I hope that Jamie will be forever grateful for his bravery and selflessness.

Jon Blunk was 26 years old. Jon was the father of two small children and was separated from his wife. He was a certified firefighter and emergency medical technician. Jon served in the Navy and did three tours of duty in the Persian Gulf and the North Arabian Sea. He took his girlfriend to see the movie to celebrate her graduation from veterinarian school. When the shooting started he pushed his girlfriend under the seat and covered her with his body. Jon was killed by the shooter.

Matt McQuinn was 27 years old. He met his girlfriend while working at Target. Matt attended the movie with his girlfriend and her brother. When the shooting began, Matt and the brother pulled her to the ground to shield her from the gunfire. His girlfriend was shot in the knee and had to undergo surgery. Matt was killed by the shooter.

Alex Teves was 24 years old. He earned a master’s degree in counseling physcology in June. Alex enjoyed life by competing in obstacle courses and working with children with special needs. Alex went to the movie with his girlfriend. When the shooting began he pushed his girlfriend to the floor to shield her from the gunfire. Alex was killed by the shooter.

These three young men had their whole lives ahead of them. They all could have done great things in life. I hope that the parents of these three young men, take a minute from their grieving and realize that they should feel a sense of honor. They should be honored that their sons were so brave and courageous to save someone’s life.

To the parents of these four young men, I want to say thank you for being great parents and raising your sons to be men!

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