I have a passion for culture. For me, this entails a love of music, movies, philosophy and, of course, sports. Furthermore, I am of the mindset that these four, among many others, are more intertwined with each other than is easily recognizable. Any major sports fan knows the impact a particular game or event can have on a single day. Now think about that impact extrapolated over the course of a lifetime, or even just a decade. Music, movies and philosophical ideals all have obvious direct impacts on our lives; they can shape the courses of action we choose to take, who we socialize with, what we do when, and why we do it. However, we choose to create and watch movies about sports. Sporting events pump music through speakers to enhance the experience of watching these live events. Likewise, the teams we root for and the emotional rides they take us on as fans impact us as people, shaping who we are.

No one can tell me that being a Cub fan for 28+ years has not effected the person I am today, and I would argue that "Cub-fandom" has had a dramatic impact on my life- how could it not? Sports, along with many arbitrary things in life, become dear to us because they are more than just entertainment: they become the memories of sharing them with friends and family, of certain eras and phases of our lives, of our highs and lows.

"Gonzo Sports Chicago" is about experiencing sports to the fullest. Whether it be an enraged, sarcastic rant about a post-game press conference, a heartfelt homage to a childhood sports memory, or anything in-between and sidewise, "Gonzo Sports Chicago" is here as my sounding board, which I hope to share with you. If it is sports-related, even with the most vague of connections, you can be sure that we'll discuss it here.