Tales from Fantasy Football Hell

Tales from Fantasy Football Hell

Hearing about others’ fantasy football woes is always humorous to me. With that being said here are a few short stories for you from my league in the last few weeks.

I will start with my current issue, posed by a recurrent offender throughout fantasy leagues: the injured player. Like many Darren Sproles owners, I was quite frustrated to hear that the New Orleans runningback injured his hand during practice on Thursday. Normally, this would not be an issue.

Unfortunately for me, this injury occurred during bye weeks for two of my other runningbacks: New England’s Stevan Ridley and San Francisco’s Frank Gore. This left me with only Sproles to fill my second RB spot this week. Now I am left wasting an extra roster spot on Pierre Thomas, who thankfully enough was available in free agency for me. Thomas should fill in nicely for me this week, but the perfect timing of this injury highlights the improbability of fantasy football, and just how oddly one may get screwed sometimes.

Next, I have a few less random forms of fantasy football hell to share with you.

As in any league, there are a few GMs in mine that make you scratch your head. Whether its the payers they add or drop, or the ones they choose to start over others in a particular week, everyone knows a GM who seems to make some baffling decisions from time to time.

One of those GMs in my league was 1-6 entering last week’s play, let’s call him Emilio. His oppenent for the week- we’ll call him Todd- has been known to get caught-up in a fair amount of smack-talking, and was so bold earlier in the season to offer Emilio a lucrative reward if he won more than three games. Heading into their match-up last week, the smack-talking continued, and Todd said that he would trade Houston Texan RB Arian Foster to Emilio for his worst RB, if Emilio was able to beat him.

Of course this ended poorly for Todd, who ended up losing by almost 20 points. Two days later, Emilio was the proud owner of Arian Foster, and Todd is now starting Miami’s Reggie Bush in his place.

Lastly, and briefly, we have all made trades we regret. I sent Denver’s Demaryius Thomas away earlier this season, and my WR spots have been an on-and-off-again issue since. Adds and drops are just as dangerous as well; I dropped the New York Giants’ defense for the Seattle Seahawks’ the week before NY’s D started on the point-producing tear they’ve been on since. I have made plenty of foolish decisions this year- something I want on the record before I bring you my final tale.

A few weeks ago, another GM in my league sent Stevan Ridley and Oakland WR Denarius Moore to another team- mine- for Bears’ RB Michael Bush and Philadelphia WR Deshaun Jackson. This GM contacted me today, claiming traders remorse, and has now inquired as to how he might be able to get Ridley back. I tell this tale not to gloat, but simply to spread the joy that is the woe of others in the world of fantasy football.

I’m sure most of you have some interesting scenarios in your league as well; please feel encouraged to comment and share your tale.

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