Beware of fraudulent Bears fans

Beware of fraudulent Bears fans

While there are many aspects of working retail that can be frustrating, recently an older trend has been rearing its ugly head with a new sort of vengeance. For those of us who are sports fans, this is can be a traumatic experience, and needs to be addressed.

If you wake up on a Sunday when the Bears are playing and decide it’s a good idea to drape yourself, head-to-toe, in your favorite gear which expresses your love for the Bears, than the least you can do is watch the game.

Sundays, when I am unlucky enough to be on the clock during Bears games, people seeping in Bears paraphernalia flock to my place of employment and shop for nick-knacks and non-essentials. I could understand if the items they were purchasing were at all related to surviving, or even improving their lives in any meaningful sense, but mainly the items bought are things that could have waited a couple hours till the game was over. Popular items include candy, random around-the-house type products, and out-of-season clearance items.

Perhaps I am making some sort of outlandish reach here, but if someone makes it a priority to boast their Bear-fandom by wearing a Bears hat, jersey, and pajama pants on game day, then I find it odd, and down-right insulting, when the same person chooses to shop for meaningless “stuff” when they could be somewhere watching and enjoying the Bears game.

For those of us who are stuck at work, and would rather be watching the game ourselves, this can be a very frustrating experience. We are at work, wondering what the score might be, and for three hours are forced to watch an unceasing flood parade of walking contradictions choosing to miss the game. This makes no sense. Anyone who willingly opts to shop instead of watching the Bears game, yet does so while enveloped in Bears gear, is a fraud.

Please: spare us- those who would choose to be watching the game- of your confusing annoyance. I doubt that I can be alone here. People should shop whenever they want, but this odd occurrence seems to be spreading, and needs to cease. Perhaps someone can explain this anomaly to me? Until then, I have spent enough time attempting to figure it out, and have failed miserably: I will continue to be baffled and infuriated as it continues.

If you know someone guilty of this act, please speak to him or her; it is reasonable to think they can be saved. Invite them over to watch game; keep them occupied. This way you ensure them of not embarrassing themselves. In short, if you want to wear all of your Bears clothes during the Bears game, you should do so watching the game; cannot all Bears fans agree on that?

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