A new Cubs curse? Twitter strikes again

A new Cubs curse? Twitter strikes again

Carlos Marmol allegedly told reporters yesterday that he had been traded to the Anaheim Angels. Twitter lit-up with reports that Marmol had been dealt in exchange for Angels starter Dan Haren. Numerous sources then began confirming that the trade was a done deal. Hours later, a Cubs source squashed the reports, claiming there was no deal. There wasn’t.

Why no one ever bothered to confirm these reports with either the Cubs or the Angels any sooner is rather baffling, but the larger issue is that once again, Twitter has spoiled what likely would have been a good move for the Cubs.

Everyone remembers the Ryan Dempster debacle with the Atlanta Braves at the trading deadline last season. Essentially, Dempster had never approved the trade (which was necessary due to his no-trade clause), and read on Twitter that he had been dealt. That is when he decided to nix the trade and stay in Chicago, for the time.

Of course, GM Jed Hoyer was still able to deal Dempster before the deadline, but the fiasco certainly set things back, handcuffing the Cubs from exploring other potential deals, and ultimately resulting in the team receiving much less for Dempster from the Texas Rangers than they would have acquired from the Braves.

Instead of reportedly acquiring a package including one of the Brave’s top pitching prospects, Randall Delgado, for Dempster, the Cubs were left with two high Class-A prospects. This time around, Dan Haren has subsequently become a free agent, likely one out of the Cubs’ price range, despite his difficulties last season.

Perhaps its time for the Cubs to find some sort of way to lock-down their goings-on. The latest breaking news is always great to keep up on, but leaks and Twitter have negated not one, but two potentially positive moves for the Cubs now, and they simply cannot afford to have anything potentially good be stripped away from them right now.

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