You Might Be a Meatball if...

You Might Be a Meatball if...

Let’s face it: if you’re a Chicago sports fan, you inherently have a bit of meatball in you. Some of us, however, exhibit this terrifying, yet alluring quality a bit more than others. With that, I give you ten sure signs you boast a heavy dose of meatball.


You might be a Meatball if:


-you’ve ever pondered: Ditka vs. God

-you have Bears games saved on VHS

-you refuse to acknowledge the other 4 NBA Championships won in the 1990s

-you ever owned an Orie, Blauser or Fukudome jersey

-you lamented trading Kyle Orton

-you’re still clinging to the hope that Sheldon Brookbrank will help the Blackhawks advance in the playoffs this year

-you would say your favorite players’ best qualities are their FIRE and PASSION

-you think your team should target “grindy” or “high-motor” players

-you’ve ever called into 670 The Score and used the term “Die-Sox White fan” (I know some of you get this reference)

-you love the kaleidoscope that is Stacey King’s color commentary as much as I do


…And you’re definitely a superfan if you have bi-weekly heart-attacks, own a pair of Zubaz, and continue to consume mass quantities of sausage, beer and brats during Bears games.


Bearrsss, Ditka,



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  • If you cover yourself in marinara sauce

  • Yes! Well-played sir

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