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Going the Distance - Week in Review

Here is a recap of what happened here this week! Check out some awesome events and clinics to help you prep for the up coming race season – Endurance Sports Events Get started with some basic info to help decide if it’s time to get a TT bike – Transition: From a road bike to... Read more »

Want to run a longer race? You need a coach.

2012 is a whole new season and you want to move up in distance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a runner or triathlete taking your training and racing to the next level is a great challenge, but you need to do it right. When I started training for my first marathon I looked up a... Read more »

Start the off-season right with a FREE Core Workshop!

For most of us in Chicago out racing calendar is coming to an end. With the exception of a Turkey Trot or Rudolph race, we’re all going to slip in to this horrible winter maintenance season. But with the help for ProKine Performance it won’t be so bad! I got a chance to workout with... Read more »

Marathon Recap, Injury Update, 2012 Goals

I felt pretty prepared for the 2011 Chicago Marathon last Sunday. I felt relaxed as I waited to start with the crowd for 45,000 runners. Right before the start I took 4 Motrin and 2 tylenol to ease the pain in my knee from the Plica that I learned I had a few days before the... Read more »

Corruption, Deceit and the Chicago Triathlon

There are two very similar versions going around of what happened to the ChicagoNow Fast Action Response Team at the Chicago Triathlon. They were both written but my relay teammates Dave (Pace Of Chicago) and Dan (Cubicle Dad). I respect both of these men… we’ve run together, gone on training rides and swims together, they are my... Read more »

A few tips from Craig Alexander

Since I’ve been exploring various ways to increase my performance I thought it might be a cool idea to talk to one of the heavy hitters in triathlon. World Champion Triathlete Craig Alexander was in town this weekend for the Racine 70.3. He made a stop a Runner’s High and Tri in Arlington Heights on Friday... Read more »

Motivating weekend at performance camp.

Hey, did you miss me? How do you like the NEW ChicagoNow? I’ve written a few draft posts that I never published in the past two weeks. They were about my recent lack of motivation to continue training. It was a funk I couldn’t seem to shake. I felt like I was just doing the... Read more »

Hello, Motivation... Where are you?

It’s been 16 days since my race at Mooseman. Coach Jen gave me a light week of rest/training right after the race which has ramped up over the past week. I’m getting the work in which is good, but it’s a battle. Physically I feel fine, a little stiff in the shoulders at the pool, but not... Read more »

I'm an Ironman 70.3 FINISHER!

Mooseman 70.3 Finishers Medal
Ironman Mooseman 70.3 – Sunday June 5th. At 5am on Sunday June 5th, Adam’s “air raid horn” alarm clock went off, letting us know it was time to get up and Ready for Mooseman. We had packed our transition bags the night before, the bikes were checked and waiting for us at the course… It... Read more »

Is triathlon an "extreme" sport? An Open Challenge to Monster Energy

This is a 3 week list of my workouts. It totals 25.5 hours of training. I couldn't find any hard numbers on how much training goes in to skateboarding.
Ironman Mooseman 70.3 – 38 Days It’s getting closer and I am pumped! It’s not surprise to to anyone that reads this blog that since we started training for the 2010 Chicago Marathon that we’ve been shooting video of all the training and racing we’ve been doing for a documentary. As Mooseman 70.3 approaches I’ve... Read more »