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Motivating weekend at performance camp.

Hey, did you miss me? How do you like the NEW ChicagoNow? I’ve written a few draft posts that I never published in the past two weeks. They were about my recent lack of motivation to continue training. It was a funk I couldn’t seem to shake. I felt like I was just doing the... Read more »

What a week!!!

What a week. I’m exhausted. Coach Jen is not messing around! I have been in ironman mode since Tuesday, and there’s no stopping now!I did miss one workout on Friday. It was a long sleep deprived Thursday night, which turned in to both an early and late day on Friday. I was sent to interview... Read more »

Big week ahead!

I’ve got a lot going on this week. Work-wise my goal is to put the next episode of Open House Chicago together in record time! I always try to get shows done fast, but I’d like to get this one done significantly ahead of schedule to try and get ahead of the game for the... Read more »

Did you miss me?

Another log and hectic week is over. Thank God. I spent most of this past week stressed out at work. There’s been a lot of projects for me to work on that are just so time consuming, but thankfully they’re done. We relaunched Open House Chicago, the first episode will air tomorrow morning at 10:30a... Read more »