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Nike's cryptic #MakeItCount video hypes revolutionary new product.

How will you #MakeItCount in 2012? Nike wants to know. In two days on 1-19-12, the folks at Nike say they’re releasing “a revolutionary product designed for all kinds of playmakers” The video, though really cool doesn’t come close to giving a clear idea of what’s to come in the next 2 days. But it does look... Read more »

Marathon Recap, Injury Update, 2012 Goals

I felt pretty prepared for the 2011 Chicago Marathon last Sunday. I felt relaxed as I waited to start with the crowd for 45,000 runners. Right before the start I took 4 Motrin and 2 tylenol to ease the pain in my knee from the Plica that I learned I had a few days before the... Read more »

Nike+ turns 5 and they want to give YOU a present!

Nike+ GPS for iPhone
Almost 2 years ago I went on a “long run”(or so I thought) with my buddy Beefy. I credit that run for getting me started on this journey from non-runner to marathoner and now on my way to a Half Ironman (12 days away). I had no idea what I was really doing when I... Read more »

Shamrock Shuffle and Team CPD!

The Shamrock Shuffle is just a few days away. I’m excited for two reason, one it’s my first race this season and the second reason is because I chose to run for a great cause.  After reading Pace of Chicago’s great article about about Team CPD, I was inspired to join the team and help... Read more »

Celebrate Opening Day with Nike & Fleet Feet!

As far as I’m concerned baseball doesn’t exist on the Northside. But for some reason every year I hear people taking about it (feel free to leave your hate mail in the comments section)…. This season it looks like there will actually be something to celebrate Nike wants you to FREE YOURSELF on Opening Day!... Read more »

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

It’s been a long 3 weeks of training filled with long hard workouts and no rest. Saturday towards the end of my masters swim I was on the last 50 of the main set and I was so exhausted I was ready to give up right in the middle of the pool. I finished, but... Read more »

Who wears shoes in a pool?!?!

Who wears shoes in a pool?!?!
I guess I do. I had to read Coach Jen’s notes twice to make sure I was understanding it correctly. 10 x 100 as: 5 of them SWIM with SHOES ON….you must focus on pulling more with your upper body and kicking w/ your hips and hip flexors! Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting... Read more »

What a good day.

I slept in this morning for he first time in months! I woke up and felt like a whole new person! I was going to get up at 5am and get in my scheduled 50 minute run, but I accidentally left my phone/alarm clock downstairs, so I didn’t hear it buzzing this morning. The downside... Read more »

Where the sidewalk ends...

Remember that book? Well yesterday I found out exactly where the sidewalk ended. The answer is Des Plaines, IL.  I went for a 4 mile run and had to back track several times because there was no sidewalk torun on. WHAT THE HELL!! The first time I noticed the lack of sidewalks in the area was last... Read more »

Wow, what a long week!!!

Wow it’s been a long week. A lot of work stress and no running don’t mix well.I’ve been laying low since CM10, I did the Pumpkins in the Park 5k last sat. We went nice and easy and had a lot of fun doing it. I did one other easy 2 mile around my neighborhood... Read more »